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From humble

In 1951 Joan and Michael (Tony) Wall ventured to the United States to create a better life for themselves and their future family.  Both worked tirelessly at several different jobs and in December of 1956 they opened The Shannon.  It became a well known spot for local Irish who emigrated to the States.  When you left home (Ireland) you were told to go directly to The Shannon where you were guaranteed to get a good meal, a job and a place to live.

” Always something for everyone. “
The Year

The 70s were a great decade at The Shannon.  The bar was always filled with locals meeting up for the craic.  Longshoreman and factory workers would meet up for Happy Hour at 6am!  You always knew that when you walked in you would be met with a friendly face and an opportunity for a hot meal.  That meal was whatever Joanie felt like cooking that day, but you always enjoyed it!  Nancy’s Corned beef was always a big hit on St. Patrick’s Day.

” Throwing the best parties in town for 60 years. “
The Year

Whether it’s a holiday, birthday party, fundraiser or just another Saturday night, The Shannon knows how to throw a good party!  Be sure to book your birthday, going away, celebrate a promotion, bachelor/bachelorette party with us!  Don’t forget to join us for our No Work parties the night before a big Holiday!

” Love for The Shannon passed down for generations. “

We have come along way from our humble beginnings with major updates to the design and technology, but one thing has always remained the same…. when you walk into The Shannon, you will always feel at home and a member of the family.  We love hearing stories about how people were told from older family members about how much they loved The Shannon and that if you are going to Hoboken, you better stop in!

Whether you want to dance, watch a game, play a game or just enjoy a quiet drink, The Shannon is the place for you!